Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Add meaning to a piece...

I have been teaching my 7th grade artists about material selection when creating art.  I created the piece of artwork above as an example of how a material can add meaning to a work of art.  In this instance, I asked the question, "How does the surface material add meaning to the art?"  After a few funny answers somebody made a legitimate and insightful guess.  The surface of the art is a crumpled piece of brown paper bag, a disposable material.  The content of the piece is the highly recognizable endangered Panda Bear on the brink of extinction.  We spoke a bit about the expectation we have for the "life" of a brown paper bag.  We expect to dispose of it.  Do we look at animals in the same way?  No we don't, yet the problem we face is the disposal of a species.  A species is not meant to be disposable but it can be treated that way.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pet Portrait: 5x7 Sonny

This is a 5x7 pet portrait of Sonny.  It is created with Prismacolor colored pencils and a special technique using Turpenoid and Q-tips.  The final result looks like a hybrid of watercolor, oils and colored pencil.

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