Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DT - How To Draw A Tiger

Here's a quick drawing tutorial on how to use the basic structure of objects to draw a complex object, such as a tiger.  The actual drawing took about 2 hours and the video condenses this into about 4 minutes.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drawing with Mark Crilley's Method

Mark Crilley is an artist well known for his How To Draw Manga Books and instructional YouTube videos.  He is the creator of Mikki Falls and Brodie's Ghost and has quite a following.  His teaching style is simple, unpretentious and fun.  I enjoy sharing his videos with my middle schoolers because they are easy to follow and make the challenges of drawing less intimidating.  In this example I drew the human mouth using a 4x2 grid according to Mr. Crilley's video.  Once the symmetry and basic composition was in place, shading became a relaxing and enjoyable journey.  I was pleased with the final and have some valuable takeaways for drawing the mouth in the future.  If you'd like to give it a try, check out his video on YouTube.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Scott Barry Kaufman at NCAIS

This past week, I had the honor of meeting Scott Barry Kaufman, author of Ungifted and renowned psychologist at Pennsylvania University.  Best known for his mission to redefine intelligence, Kaufman entertained and educated the audience at the 2014 NCAIS conference in Concord, NC.  Using his own troubled life to comically illuminate the limitations in our intelligence evaluation process, Scott lifted us out of a psychological pitfall.  His life story is simultaneously sad, laughable and inspiring.  He is one of those rare people who despite being told he couldn't do this or that, found a way to oppose the haters in a most clever and appealing way.  Without bitterness or disdain he is redefining the crack through which the "ungifted" fall and letting the world know that crack is a narrow-minded sliver through which we all have viewed the world and each other.